A survey of RE-specific wikis for distributed requirements engineering

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A survey of RE-specific wikis for distributed requirements engineering is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Lai H., Peng R., Sun D., Shao F., Liu Y. and published in Proceedings - 2012 8th International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids, SKG 2012.

[edit] Abstract

Wiki, as one of the Web 2.0 technology, has received considerable interest due to its capability to support collaboratively online contents' creation in a flexible and simple manner. Lots of researchers and practitioners committed themselves to enhancing wiki's capability to support Requirements Engineering (RE). The main goal of this study is to discover all the available tools that use the wiki way or extend the wiki technology to support RE (called as RE-specific wikis), how these RE-specific wikis have been applied, and identify future research directions. We performed a survey through a thorough search for literature and tools that answer our research questions. After data synthesis, we found 12 available RE-specific wikis. And then, we drew out their features, evaluated their RE adaptability. Based on the above findings, we discussed future research directions on how to promote RE-specific wikis to support the collaborative requirements activities from representation, agreement and specification dimensions.

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