A semantic wild within moodle for greek medical education

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A semantic wild within moodle for greek medical education is a 2009 conference paper written in English by Bratsas C., Kapsas G., Konstantinidis S., Koutsouridis G., Bamidis P.D. and published in Proceedings - IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems.

[edit] Abstract

Medical education requires a learning environment that enables medical students to acquire knowledge in a "hands on" and organized way. This, in turn, requires that content can be accessed, evaluated, organized and reused with ease by the students. Social Software (i.e. Weblogs, Wikis, ePortfolios, Instant Messaging) and Semantic Web technology could play an important role in such learning environments. Where Social Software gives users freedom to choose their own processes and supports the collaboration of people anytime, anywhere, Semantic Web technology gives the possibility to structure information for easy retrieval, reuse, and exchange between different systems and tools. In this article a very specific technology that combines Social Software and the Semantic Web, that is Semantic Wikis are presented, together with their possible role in medical education Moreover the first Medical Semantic Wiki in Greek Language and its use in medical education are illustrated.

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