A semantic approach for question classification using WordNet and Wikipedia

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A semantic approach for question classification using WordNet and Wikipedia is a 2010 journal article by Santosh Kumar Ray, Shailendra Singh, B.P. Joshi and published in Pattern Recognition Letters.

[edit] Abstract

Question Answering Systems, unlike search engines, are providing answers to the users' questions in succinct form which requires the prior knowledge of the expectation of the user. Question classification module of a Question Answering System plays a very important role in determining the expectations of the user. In the literature, incorrect question classification has been cited as one of the major factors for the poor performance of the Question Answering Systems and this emphasizes on the importance of question classification module designing. In this article, we have proposed a question classification method that exploits the powerful semantic features of the {WordNet} and the vast knowledge repository of the Wikipedia to describe informative terms explicitly. We have trained our system over a standard set of 5500 questions (by {UIUC)} and then tested it over five {TREC} question collections. We have compared our results with some standard results reported in the literature and observed a significant improvement in the accuracy of question classification. The question classification accuracy suggests the effectiveness of the method which is promising in the field of open-domain question classification. Judging the correctness of the answer is an important issue in the field of question answering. In this article, we are extending question classification as one of the heuristics for answer validation. We are proposing a World Wide Web based solution for answer validation where answers returned by open-domain Question Answering Systems can be validated using online resources such as Wikipedia and Google. We have applied several heuristics for answer validation task and tested them against some popular web based open-domain Question Answering Systems over a collection of 500 questions collected from standard sources such as {TREC,} the Worldbook, and the Worldfactbook. The proposed method seems to be promising for automatic answer validation task. 2010 Elsevier {B.V.} All rights reserved.

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