A quantitative examination of the impact of featured articles in Wikipedia

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A quantitative examination of the impact of featured articles in Wikipedia is a 2011publication written in English by Antonio J. Reinoso, Jesús M. González-Barahona, Rocío Muñoz Mansilla, Israel Herraiz and published in ICSOFT.

[edit] Abstract

This paper presents a quantitative examination of the impact of the presentation of featured articles as quality content in the main page of several Wikipedia editions. Moreover, the paper also presents the analysis performed to determine the number of visits received by the articles promoted to the featured status. We have analyzed the visits not only in the month when articles awarded the promotion or were included in the main page, but also in the previous and following ones. The main aim for this is to assess the attention attracted by the featured content and the different dynamics exhibited by each community of users in respect to the promotion process. The main results of this paper are twofold: it shows how to extract relevant information related to the use of Wikipedia, which is an emerging research topic, and it analyzes whether the featured articles mechanism achieve to attract more attention.

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