A practice of the simple learning management system

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A practice of the simple learning management system is a 2006 journal article written in Japanese by Miyagoshi T., Doshita H., Okino K., Tajima M. and published in IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials.

[edit] Abstract

Recently, the LMS (Learning Management System) of the Blackboard, the WebCt, the Moodle and the Wiki etc. are utilized at the time of e-learning execution. We constructed a simple learning management system with the PukiWiki which is a derivative edition of the Wiki. In this system, the page which the Web page reader is perusing can be edited freely. Moreover, not only a teacher can equally treat the functions used before easily, but a student can create and expand his pages freely. We applied this system to the programming exercise with Java language. When students present a subject, the certainty and convenience are verified since the process are automatically recorded with time.

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