A participação do público no Wikinews e no Kuro5hin

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A participação do público no Wikinews e no Kuro5hin is a 2007 journal article written in Portuguese by Marcelo Träsel and published in E-Compós.

[edit] Abstract

This paper presents the results of a mastership research focused on the interventions of collaborators over journalistic material published in the grassroots news sites Wikinews and Kuro5hin. A sample of ten texts was collected over seven weeks, in order to form a corpus of interventions. This corpus was later submitted to a content analysis, aimed in verifying if the interventions had a predominant pluralizing character. The results show that indeed the interventions are for the most part pluralizing, suggesting that grassroots journalism may bring important contributions to a democratic society.

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  • "A pluralização no webjornalismo participativo: uma análise das intervenções no Wikinews e no Kuro5hin" (create it!) [search]

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