A new approach for building domain-specific corpus with wikipedia

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A new approach for building domain-specific corpus with wikipedia is a 2013 conference paper written in English by Zhang X.Y., Li X., Ruan Z.J. and published in Applied Mechanics and Materials.

[edit] Abstract

Domain-specific corpus can be used to build domain ontology, which is used in many areas such as IR, NLP and web Mining. We propose a multi-root based method to build a domain-specific corpus making use of Wikipedia resources. First we select some top-level nodes (Wikipedia category articles) as root nodes and traverse the Wikipedia using BFS-like algorithm. After the traverse, we get a directed Wikipedia graph (Wiki-graph). Then an algorithm mainly based on Kosaraju Algorithm is proposed to remove the cycles in the Wiki-graph. Finally, topological sort algorithm is used to traverse the Wiki-graph, and ranking and filtering is done during the process. When computing a node's ranking score, the in-degree of itself and the out-degree of its parents are both considered. The experimental evaluation shows that our method could get a high-quality domain-specific corpus.

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