A failure to communicate

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A failure to communicate is a 2006 literature review written in English by Piper P., Ramos M. and published in Searcher:Magazine for Database Professionals.

[edit] Abstract

The communication breakdown and the poor response between federal, regional, and local relief agencies during the Hurricane Katrina, Florida on August 25, 2005, is discussed. The disaster caused numerous deaths, injuries, refugees and property loss at Louisiana, Missippi, and New Orleans. Cell phones, towers, and radio antennas failed to communicate due to their dependence on aboveground structures. Websites provided by service providers such as Internet Archive, Wikipedia, WEB Triad are useful search tools for Hurricane Katrina information. These provide links to many relief agencies across the country, employment sections, missing persons, housing, and generate relief outside the disaster area. Bloggers organize and discuss emergency preparedness and groundwork in advance. It is recommended that a robust communication system be developed for the emergencies to avoid the negative impact of the natural disasters.

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