A distributed ontology repository management approach based on semantic wiki

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A distributed ontology repository management approach based on semantic wiki is a 2013 journal article written in English by Rao G., Feng Z., Wang X., Liu R. and published in Communications in Computer and Information Science.

[edit] Abstract

As the foundation of Semantic Web, the size of ontologies on the Web has developed into tens of billions. Furthermore, the creation process of the repository takes place through open collaboration. However, the problem of inconsistent repository is made even worse because of openness and collaboration. Semantic wiki provides a new approach to build large-scale, unified semantic knowledge base. This paper focuses on the relevant problems, technologies and applications of semantic wiki based ontology repository with the combination of semantic wiki technologies and distributed ontology repository. A distributed ontology repository management approach and platform based on semantic wiki is presented. The platform is divided into three layers, including distributed ontology management layer, business logic layer, and application performance layer. Self-maintenance and optimization of distributed ontology repository is implemented by the management module with technology of ontology reasoning, ontology view extraction and ontology segmentation. The unified interface of the repository to provide knowledge storage and query services to application of semantic web is provided through knowledge bus mechanism with distributed ontology encapsulated. In the business logic layer, the operations of wiki and ontology are mapped to manage the wiki pages and ontology resources through mapping the wiki entries and ontology resources. In the application performance layer, a friendly interface is provided to build repository through combining the entry information display and the semantic information extraction.

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