A combined approach to minimizing vandalisms on wikipedia

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A combined approach to minimizing vandalisms on wikipedia is a 2010 conference paper written in English by Maneewongvatana S., Maneewongvatana S. and published in ISCIT 2010 - 2010 10th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies.

[edit] Abstract

Vandalism is a main problem of the Wikipedia and other content management systems that have open-edit policy. Due to its popularity, Wikipedia has been attacked very regularly. To detect and clean up these bad contents, it requires a lot of human time to inspect the changes between revisions which should not be much wasted for such task. There have been many attempts to alleviate vandalisms. Some early work proposed automatic vandalism detection based on various methods. In this work, we emphasize the user is a key parameter used to detect vandalism. Together with reputation system and spell checker, they can be used to flag or ban the update. We also evaluate the reduction of the time at which vandalized revisions appear to public when we implement some of the proposed approach.

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