A Search Engine for Browsing the Wikipedia Thesaurus

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A Search Engine for Browsing the Wikipedia Thesaurus is a 2008 conference paper by Kotaro Nakayama, Takahiro Hara, Sojiro Nishio and published in 13th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Demo session (DASFAA).

[edit] Abstract

Wikipedia has become a huge phenomenon on the WWW. As a corpus for knowledge extraction, it has various impressive characteristics such as a huge amount of articles, live updates, a dense link structure, brief link texts and URL identification for concepts. In our previous work, we proposed link structure mining algorithms to extract a huge scale and accurate association thesaurus from Wikipedia. The association thesaurus covers almost 1.3 million concepts and the significant accuracy is proved in detailed experiments. To prove its practicality, we implemented three features on the association thesaurus; a search engine for browsing Wikipedia Thesaurus, an XML Web service for the thesaurus and a Semantic Web support feature. We show these features in this demonstration.

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