A New Internet A New Year

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a New Internet A New Year is a 2008 journal article by M. Castelluccio and published in Strategic Finance.

[edit] Abstract

A wiki, according to the guy who invented them, is the simplest online database that could possibly work. Ward Cunningham launched his first wiki in 1995, and the format has been widely adopted since by academics, artists, hackers, and business professionals. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Like other wikis, Wikipedia has an open editing system where the readers are the contributing editors and proofreaders. The readers write the articles. One of the problems with defining wikis is that the word, which actually means quick" in Hawaiian can refer to the software the community or the database. The community can be seen and operated as an intranet or a common workspace for collaborators. The reality is a little amorphous so why not go to the wiki {(Wikipedia)} for their take on it -- they should know."

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