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Change in access to heritage after digitization: ethnographic collections in Wikipedia Trilce Navarrete
Karol J. Borowiecki
Heritage consumption
Digital heritage
Exhibition history
Cultural Trends English Visits to museums have been studied as hedonic and utilitarian forms of cultural consumption, though limited attention has been given to the access of museum collections online. We perform a unique historic analysis of the visibility of collections in a museum of ethnographic collections and compare 100 years of onsite visits to 5 years online visits. We find two main results: first, access to collections increased substantially online. From a selection of objects available both onsite and online, access grew from an average of 156,000 onsite visits per year to over 1.5 million views online per year. Onsite, the museum received 15.5 million visits in a span of a century while online, collections were viewed 7.9 million times in only the last 5 years. Second, we find a difference in consumer preference for type of object, favouring 3D onsite and 2D online (photographs of objects, particularly when showing them being used). Results support understanding of online heritage consumption and emerging dynamics, particularly outside of an institutional environment, such as Wikipedia. 0 0
Competencias informacionales básicas y uso de Wikipedia en entornos educativos Jesús Tramullas Wikipedia
Information literacy
Gestión de la Innovación en Educación Superior/Journal of Innovation Management in Higher Education Spanish This paper reviews the relationship of Wikipedia with educational processes, thereby adopting an approach based on the approximation that offers information literacy approach. To this end it is necessary to: a) review the common criticism of Wikipedia; b) review the basic concepts of information literacy; c) propose a generic integration framework of Wikipedia in teaching and learning. To do this, aims to establish a blueprint for the design, implementation and development of processes and actions of information literacy, integrated into the core educational process, using Wikipedia. Finally, suggests the use of information literacy as a continuous element within the overall process of teaching and learning. 0 0
Generating Article Placeholders from Wikidata for Wikipedia Lucie-Aimée Kaffee International Media and Computing, HTW Berlin The major objective of this thesis is to increase the access to open and free

knowledge in Wikipedia by developing a MediaWiki extension called Arti- clePlaceholder. ArticlePlaceholders are content pages in Wikipedia auto-generated from information provided by Wikidata. The criterias for the extension were developed with a requirement analysis and subsequently implemented. This thesis gives an introduction on the fundamentals of the project and includes the personas, scenarios, user-stories, non-functional and functional requirements for the requirement analysis. The analysis was done in order to implement the features needed to achieve the goal of providing more information for under-resourced languages. The implementation of these requirements is the main part of the following

0 0
Ideological Segregation among Online Collaborators: Evidence from Wikipedians Shane Greenstein
Yuan Gu
Feng Zhu
English Do online communities segregate into separate conversations when contributing to contestable knowledge involving controversial, subjective, and unverifiable topics? We analyze the contributors of biased and slanted content in Wikipedia articles about U.S. politics, and focus on two research questions: (1) Do contributors display tendencies to contribute to sites with similar or opposing biases and slants? (2) Do contributors learn from experience with extreme or neutral content, and does that experience change the slant and bias of their contributions over time? The findings show enormous heterogeneity in contributors and their contributions, and, importantly, an overall trend towards less segregated conversations. A higher percentage of contributors have a tendency to edit articles with the opposite slant than articles with similar slant. We also observe the slant of contributions becoming more neutral over time, not more extreme, and, remarkably, the largest such declines are found with contributors who interact with articles that have greater biases. We also find some significant differences between Republicans and Democrats. 0 0
La gestion de l’intelligence collective au sein de Wikimédia France. Des règles souples mais précises. Nathalie Martin
Émeric Vallespi
Espaces French L’association Wikimédia France, qui promeut notamment le projet Wikipédia, est confrontée quotidiennement au problème de l’animation de l’intelligence collective de contributeurs bénévoles aux motivations et compétences très diverses. Pour animer cette communauté hétérogène, elle s’appuie sur de nombreux outils facilitant le travail en commun, ainsi que sur des modalités de fonctionnement souples mais précises. 0 0
Linguistic neighbourhoods: explaining cultural borders on Wikipedia through multilingual co-editing activity Anna Samoilenko
Fariba Karimi
Daniel Edler
Jérôme Kunegis
Markus Strohmaier
Wikipedia multilingual cultural similarity network digital language divide socio-linguistics digital humanities hypothesis testing EPJ Data Science English In this paper, we study the network of global interconnections between language communities, based on shared co-editing interests of Wikipedia editors, and show that although English is discussed as a potential lingua franca of the digital space, its domination disappears in the network of co-editing similarities, and instead local connections come to the forefront. Out of the hypotheses we explored, bilingualism, linguistic similarity of languages, and shared religion provide the best explanations for the similarity of interests between cultural communities. Population attraction and geographical proximity are also significant, but much weaker factors bringing communities together. In addition, we present an approach that allows for extracting significant cultural borders from editing activity of Wikipedia users, and comparing a set of hypotheses about the social mechanisms generating these borders. Our study sheds light on how culture is reflected in the collective process of archiving knowledge on Wikipedia, and demonstrates that cross-lingual interconnections on Wikipedia are not dominated by one powerful language. Our findings also raise some important policy questions for the Wikimedia Foundation. 0 0
Similar Gaps, Different Origins? Women Readers and Editors at Greek Wikipedia Ioannis Protonotarios
Vasiliki Sarimpei
Jahna Otterbacher
Gender gap
Quantitative analysis
Tenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media English As a global, multilingual project, Wikipedia could serve as a repository for the world’s knowledge on an astounding range of topics. However, questions of participation and diversity among editors continue to be burning issues. We present the first targeted study of participants at Greek Wikipedia, with the goal of better understanding their motivations. Smaller Wikipedias play a key role in fostering the project’s global character, but typically receive little attention from researchers. We developed two survey instruments, administered in Greek, based on the 2011 Wikipedia Readership and Editors Surveys. Consistent with previous studies, we found a gender gap, with women making up only 38% and 15% of readers and editors, respectively, and with men editors being much more active. Our data suggest two salient explanations: 1) women readers more often lack confidence with respect to their knowledge and technical skills as compared to men, and 2) women’s behaviors may be driven by personal motivations such as enjoyment and learning, rather than by “leaving their mark” on the community, a concern more common among men. Interestingly, while similar proportions of men and women readers use multiple language editions, more women contribute to English Wikipedia in addition to the Greek language community. Future research should consider how this impacts their participation at Greek Wikipedia 11 0
L’Éthique du discours dans Wikipédia : la question de la neutralité dans une encyclopédie participative Rivka Dvira Argumentation et Analyse du Discours French Cet article concerne la notion de neutralité dans le contexte de l’écriture encyclopédique du site Wikipédia. Le principe fondateur de Wikipédia intitulé La neutralité de point de vue atteste de l’aspiration du site à présenter une information fiable et dépourvue de tout biais idéologique – un principe qui exige une écriture équilibrée dans le cas d’opinions diverses ou opposées. En un premier temps, on analyse la mise en mots du principe de neutralité tel qu’il est conçu par Wikipédia, pour le définir et le confronter avec les postulats des linguistes de l’énonciation et des analystes du discours du siècle dernier. En un deuxième temps, l’analyse critique d’un extrait de l’entrée « Lehi » permet de s’interroger sur la conformité de la rédaction des entrées aux règles de l’encyclopédie. L’écart qui ressort de l’analyse soulève la question de savoir à quoi réfère en réalité le concept de « neutralité » dans les entrées que les contributeurs qualifient comme telles. L’examen de la discussion montre que dans le processus qui confère à une entrée la mention « article de qualité », à savoir entre autres « neutre », les valeurs de convivialité et de coopération entre les contributeurs l’emportent sur le devoir d’impartialité et de suspension de la prise de position. 0 0