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This is a list of 0 events celebrated and 2 publications published in 2000.



Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Published in Language Abstract R C
Recognizing and supporting roles in CSCW Guzdial M.
Jochen Rick
Kerimbaev B.
Co Web
Design methodology
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work English In this paper, we describe our experience with the longterm, widespread use of CoWeb, an asynchronous collaborative tool that is mostly used to complement existing face-to-face groups (such as classes). The CoWeb is an open-ended tool that does not enforce or explicitly support specific roles or usage, yet several well-defined uses and roles have emerged over time. In our design methodology, we recognize these roles and refine our collaboration environment to better support them. 0 0
Using web annotations for asynchronous collaboration around documents J. J. Cadiz
Anoop Gupta
Jonathan Grudin
Asynchronous collaboration
Distributed work
Computer mediated communication
World Wide Web
Proceeding of Computer Supported Collaborative Work English Digital web-accessible annotations are a compelling medium for personal comments and shared discussions around documents. Only recently supported by widely used products, “in-context” digital annotation is a relatively unexamined phenomenon. This paper presents a case study of annotations created by members of a large development team using Microsoft Office 2000 - approximately 450 people created 9,000 shared annotations on about 1250 documents over 10 months. We present quantitative data on use, supported by interviews with users, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the existing capabilities and possibilities for improvement. 0 1