13th international workshop on the web and databases - WebDB 2010

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13th international workshop on the web and databases - WebDB 2010 is a 2010 conference paper written in English by Dong X.L., Naumann F. and published in SIGMOD Record.

[edit] Abstract

WebDB 2010, the 13th International Workshop on the Web and Databases, took place on June 6, 2010. Christian Bizer, cofounder of the DBpedia project, compared the Linked Data movement, which stems from the Semantic Web research area, with research in the field of Dataspaces. The research session entitled Linked data and Wikipedia featured papers entitled 'An agglomerative query model for discovery in linked data: semantics and approach' and 'XML-based RDF data management for efficient query processing'. The other sessions of the workshop included papers entitled 'Find your advisor: robust knowledge gathering from the Web', 'Redundancy-driven web data extraction and integration', and 'Using latent-structure to detect objects on the Web'. Topics such as 'Manimal: relational optimization for data-intensive programs' and 'Learning topical transition probabilities in click through data with regression models' were also discussed.

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