« Citez vos sources » : archéologie d’une règle au cœur du savoir wikipédien (2002-2008)

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« Citez vos sources » : archéologie d’une règle au cœur du savoir wikipédien (2002-2008)‪  : « Citing sources »: archaeology of a referencing policy at the heart of Wikipedian knowledge (2002-2008) is a 2014 journal article written in French by Gilles Sahut and published in Etudes de communication.

[edit] Abstract

The encyclopedia Wikipedia is an innovative project based on the relationship between a socio-technical system and a community of editors. Throughout its history, the community has developed policies to evaluate and validate the knowledge which is collectively produced. This article aims to describe the evolution of policies about citations in Wikipedia in French and the debates these policies have generated between 2002 and 2008. Our anthropological approach highlights the role attributed to referencing to respond to Wikipedia’s lack of epistemic trustworthiness ‪.‪

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