"Who is this" quiz dialogue system and users' evaluation

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"Who is this" quiz dialogue system and users' evaluation is a 2008 conference paper written in English by Sawaki M., Minami Y., Higashinaka R., Dohsaka K., Maeda E. and published in 2008 IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language Technology, SLT 2008 - Proceedings.

[edit] Abstract

In order to design a dialogue system that users enjoy and want to be near for a long time, it is important to know the effect of the system's action on users. This paper describes "Who is this" quiz dialogue system and its users' evaluation. Its quiz-style information presentation has been found effective for educational tasks. In our ongoing effort to make it closer to a conversational partner, we implemented the system as a stuffed-toy (or CG equivalent). Quizzes are automatically generated from Wikipedia articles, rather than from hand-crafted sets of biographical facts. Network mining is utilized to prepare adaptive system responses. Experiments showed the effectiveness of person network and the relationship of user attribute and interest level.

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