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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Curating digital content in teaching and learning using wiki technology Verhaart M. Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2012 English 2012 A significant issue for educators is managing the avalanche of content, and with this content volume the educator's role is changing from one of knowledge collection and dissemination, to one of curation and dissemination, in particular with digital objects. This paper builds on previous research into developing a personal integrated framework to manage an individual educator's content that allows enhancement by others, and considers whether wiki technology can be used to manage the changing emphasis from collection and dissemination to digital curation. 0 0
Learning in and with an open wiki project: Wikiversity's potential in global capacity building First Monday English 2009 0 0
Wikiversity; or education meets the free culture movement: An ethnographic investigation Norm Friesen
Janet Hopkins
First Monday English 6 October 2008 Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, has challenged the way that reference works are used and understood, and even the way that the collective enterprise of knowledge construction and circulation is itself conceptualized. The article presents an ethnographic study of Wikiversity, an educationally–oriented sister project to Wikipedia. It begins by providing an overview of the orientations and aims of Wikiversity, which seeks to provide for participants both open educational contents and an open educational community. It then undertakes a detailed examination of this project’s emerging, overlapping communities and cultures by providing descriptions produced through a combination of ethnographic techniques. These descriptions focus on the experiences of a participant–observer in the context of an 11–week course developed and delivered via Wikiversity, titled Composing Free and Open Online Educational Resources. These descriptions are discussed and interpreted through reference to qualitative studies of the more developed dynamics of the Wikipedia effort — allowing this study to trace the possible trajectories for the future development of the fledgling Wikiversity project. In this way, this paper investigates the communal and cultural dynamics of an undertaking that — should it meet only with a fraction of Wikipedia’s success — will be of obvious significance to education generally. 2 0
Action research as a congruent methodology for understanding wikis: the case of Wikiversity C. Lawler Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2008 0 0