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Hi all! I'm the same guy from English Wikipedia. Look at my userpage there.

I really like editing wikis and understanding how and why they and their communities work. That's why I created WikiPapers.

I started to edit Wikimedia projects (Wikipedias mainly, but also Wiktionaries and Wikisources) in 2005, and I have not stopped. I also edit other wikis: Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español (the Spanish Wikipedia fork), WikiIndex, Archive Team and many others.

In 2008, I developed an anti-vandalism bot for Spanish Wikipedia, AVBOT, which has reverted more than 250,000 vandalism edits. In 2010, I created StatMediaWiki, a tool for statistical analysis of MediaWiki wikis. In 2011, I founded WikiTeam, a project to preserve wikis and launched WikiPapers too. In 2012, I started WikiEvidens. What will I do in the future? : )

By the way, I'm an experienced bot programmer, template coder and recently a Semantic MediaWiki enthusiast.

You can read about my publications in Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada.

You can reach me at or using this form.


Templates and forms

Bot ideas

  • Redirects without diacritics, lowercase, uppercase, replace :,.-
  • Create authors
  • add webcite links
  • fixing double redirects: python double -lang:wikipapers -family:wikipapers


Cool hacks

21:58:26 <emijrp> hi
21:59:11 <emijrp> is it possible to show only the number of items that agree iwth a {{#ask}} sentence? 
21:59:17 <emijrp> not a table
22:00:52 <Yaron> emijrp - yes, with the "count" format.
22:05:42 <emijrp> hi yaron, thanks for the free referata
23:15:32 <emijrp> yaron, how can i show only a chunk of the text abstract and not the whole value? 
23:15:58 <emijrp> also, how can i modify the width for table columns
23:17:10 <Yaron> emijrp - you should have the template also store a substring of the abstract using another property, using #set and #sub.
23:17:13 <Yaron> 
23:17:37 <Yaron> You can modify the width using CSS - add it to the page MediaWiki:Common.css.
23:17:59 <emijrp> cool tricks
23:18:15 <Yaron> (Look at the HTML for the table to find out the class name.)
23:18:46 <Yaron> Yeah, there's a lot of cool little hacks that can be done.