The use of wikis as alternatives to learning content management systems

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The use of wikis as alternatives to learning content management systems is a 2011 journal article written in English by Laughton P. and published in Electronic Library.

[edit] Abstract

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to identify whether a wiki can be used as an alternative to a popular learning content management system (LCMS) in an e-learning environment. The research attempts to identify what value each of these e-learning components added to the students learningexperience. Design/methodology/approach - A quantitative approach in the form of a survey was used. The survey was conducted amongst a group of undergraduate students who were using both a LCMS and a wiki in their academic course, along with the attendance of lectures. Findings - From the response of the students, the wiki used could be considered as a useful alternative to a LCMS. The LCMS was favoured over the wiki on a number of aspects but features of the wiki made it ideal to enhance collaboration amongst learners. This makes it an ideal tool to support minimal invasive education (MIE), where learners get an opportunity to learn from their peers. Research limitations/implications - The comparison used between the wiki and the LCMS was not ideal in all aspects as the wiki was used for a particular role in the course and did not have the same features and functionalities of the LCMS. Originality/value - This paper focuses on a valuable alternative to a conventional LCMS in the form of a wiki, in an attempt to improve the learning experience of students.

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