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"Language Is the Skin of My Thought": Integrating Wikipedia and AI to Support a Guillotine Player + , A virtual player for "who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" based on Question Answering + , Accurate semantic class classifier for coreference resolution + , Constructing a focused taxonomy from a document collection + , Evaluation of WikiTalk - User studies of human-robot interaction + , Exploiting the Wikipedia structure in local and global classification of taxonomic relations + , Harnessing different knowledge sources to measure semantic relatedness under a uniform model + , Identifying the topic of queries based on domain specify ontology + , Knowledge infusion into content-based recommender systems + , Knowledge-based Named Entity recognition in Polish + , Natat in cerebro: Intelligent information retrieval for "the Guillotine" language game + , Natural language processing neural network considering deep cases + , Natural language processing neural network for analogical inference + , Natural language processing neural network for recall and inference + , OTTHO: On the tip of my THOught + , Ontology enhanced web image retrieval: Aided by wikipedia & spreading activation theory + , Open domain question answering using Wikipedia-based knowledge model + , Predicting quality flaws in user-generated content: The case of wikipedia + , Probabilistic explicit topic modeling using Wikipedia + , Proof-of-concept design of an ontology-based computing curricula management system + Has extra keyword


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