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SemperWiki: A semantic personal Wiki is a 2005 conference paper written in English by Oren E. and published in CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

[edit] Abstract

Wikis are collaborative authoring environments, and are very popular. The original concept has recently been extended in two directions: semantic Wikis and personal Wikis. Semantic Wikis focus on better retrieval and querying facilities, by using semantic annotations of pages. Personal Wikis focus on improving usability and on providing an easy-to-use personal information space. We combine these two developments and present a semantic personal Wiki. Our application SemperWiki offers the usability of personal Wikis and the improved retrieval and querying of semantic Wikis. Users can annotate pages with RDF together with their normal text. The system is extremely easy-to-use, provides intelligent navigation based on semantic annotations, and responds instantly to all changes.

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