Semi-automatic construction of plane geometry ontology based-on WordNet and Wikipedia

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Semi-automatic construction of plane geometry ontology based-on WordNet and Wikipedia is a 2014 journal article written in Chinese by Fu H.-G., Liu L., Zhong X.-Q., Jiang Y., Sun Y.-Y. and published in Dianzi Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

[edit] Abstract

Ontology, as a member of the Semantic Web's hierarchical structure, is located in the central position. Regarding the current research situation of ontology construction, the manual construction is difficult to ensure its efficiency and scalability; and the automatic construction is hard to guarantee its interoperability. This paper presents a semi-automatic domain ontology construction method based on WordNet and Wikipedia. First, we construct the top-level ontology and then reuse WordNet structure to expand the terminology and terminology-level at the depth of the ontology. Furthermore, we expand the relationship and supplement the terminology at the width of the ontology by referring to page information of Wikipedia. Finally, this method of ontology construction is applied in elementary geometry domain. The experiments show that this method can greatly improve the efficiency of ontology construction and ensure the quality of the ontology to some degree.

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