PukiWiki-Java Connector, a simple API for saving data of Java programs on a wiki

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PukiWiki-Java Connector, a simple API for saving data of Java programs on a wiki is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Takashi Yamanoue, Kentaro Oda, Koichi Shimozono and published in WikiSym.

[edit] Abstract

Experimental implementation of SDK for Java programs, PukiWiki-Java Connector, which makes an illusion that wiki pages as persistent data store, is shown. A Java program of them can be running on a wiki page and it can save its data on the page. The Java program consists of PukiWiki which is a popular wiki in Japan, the plug-in which starts up Java Applets. .A Java Applet with default access privilege cannot store its data at the local host. We have constructed the API for the applets to ease data persistent at a remote host. We also combined the API and the wiki system by introducing a wiki plugin and tags for starting up Java Applets. Applet generated persistent data resides in wiki texts side by side. We have successfully ported useful programs such as a simple text editor, a simple music editor, a simple draw program and programming environments in a PukiWiki system using this connector.

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