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A Tiny Adventure: The introduction of problem based learning in an undergraduate chemistry course +11  +
A Web metrics study on Taiwan Baseball Wiki using Google Analytics +47  +
A Wiki collaborative application for teaching in manufacturing engineering +759  +
A Wiki for classroom writing +62  +
A Wiki for discussing and promoting best practices in research +49  +
A Wiki that knows where it is being used: insights from potential users +39  +
A Wiki with multiagent tracking, modeling, and coalition formation +3  +
A Wikipedia based hybrid ranking method for taxonomic relation extraction +8281 LNCS  +
A Wikipédia como diálogo entre universidade e sociedade: uma experiência em extensão universitária +1  +
A aprovação de sentidos enunciados na "Wikipédia: a enciclopédia livre" +1  +
A bounded confidence approach to understanding user participation in peer production systems +6984 LNCS  +
A capstone wiki knowledge base: A case study of an online tool designed to promote life-long learning through engineering literature research +65  +
A case study analysis of a constructionist knowledge building community with activity theory +30  +
A case study of contributor behavior in Q&A site and tags: The importance of prominent profiles in community productivity +20  +
A case study of wikis and student-designed games in physical education +19  +
A case study on scaffolding design for wiki-based collaborative knowledge building +7411 LNCS  +
A category-driven approach to deriving domain specific subset of Wikipedia +735  +
A cloud of FAQ: A highly-precise FAQ retrieval system for the Web 2.0 +49  +
A cloud-based real-time mobile collaboration wiki system +441  +
A cloud-based semantic wiki for user training in healthcare process management +169  +
A co-writing development approach to wikis: Pedagogical issues and implications +77  +
A coauthoring method of keyword dictionaries for knowledge combination on corporate discussion web sites +5618 LNCS  +
A cocktail approach to the VideoCLEF'09 linking task +6242 LNCS  +
A collaboration effectiveness and Easiness Evaluation Method for RE-specific wikis based on Cognition-Behavior Consistency Decision Triangle +36  +
A collaborative environment for the design of accessible educational objects +3  +
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