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This is a property of type String.

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"Blogs" and "Wikis" are valuable software tools for communication within research groups +15644088  +


A comprehensive concept of optogenetics +22341318  +
A semantic wiki for editing and sharing decision guidelines in oncology +22874223  +
AMYPdb: A database dedicated to amyloid precursor proteins +18544157  +
Adoption of a wiki within a large internal medicine residency program: A 3-year experience +22140210  +
Aging-kb: A knowledge base for the study of the aging process +22100666  +


Big data: Wikiomics +18769412  +
Brede tools and federating online neuroinformatics databases +23666785  +


Capturing intra-operative safety information using surgical wikis +23323520  +
Care for patients with ultra-rare disorders +21147279  +
Collaborating and delivering literature search results to clinical teams using Web 2.0 tools +20677061  +
Collaborative development for setup, execution, sharing and analytics of complex NMR experiments +24472492  +


Development and evaluation of an ensemble resource linking medications to their indications +23576672  +
Disconnected in a connected world +18689203  +


Early Prediction of Movie Box Office Success Based on Wikipedia Activity Big Data +23990938  +
Editing Wikipedia content by screen reader: Easier interaction with the Accessible Rich Internet Applications suite +19565387  +
Education in Health Research Methodology: Use of a Wiki for Knowledge Translation +23741424  +
Effectiveness of shared leadership in Wikipedia +24745197  +
Engaging with a wiki related to knowledge translation: A survey of whatiskt wiki users +24449712  +
Enhancing networking and proactive learning skills in the first year university experience through the use of wikis +21481500  +
Experiences of Wiki topic teaching in postgraduate orthodontics: What do the learners think? +23279397  +
Extending inter-professional learning through the use of a multi-disciplinary Wiki +23465847  +


Feasibility of a wiki as a participatory tool for patients in clinical guideline development +23103790  +


Gene wiki reviews: Marrying crowdsourcing with traditional peer review +24012870  +


Information-seeking behaviors of first-semester veterinary students: A preliminary report +21805932  +
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