Preparing wikis for educational settings: The role of discussion board use in wiki-based writing

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Preparing wikis for educational settings: The role of discussion board use in wiki-based writing is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Wichmann A. and published in WikiSym 2012 Conference Proceedings - 8th Annual International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration.

[edit] Abstract

Using wikis for educational purposes has become a common activity in learning contexts. Despite its frequent use for learning, we still know little about the demands of wiki-based writing taking into account novice writers' needs. In this paper we describe a study in which we investigate whether a communication facility in form of a structured discussion board, results in more active writing, particularly adding and revising text. Students from two university courses participated in a three week writing activity either in a Discussion+ condition in which a discussion board was available or in a Discussion- condition with no discussion board available. Results show that the availability of a discussion board alone does not help learners to overcome their hesitation to add text-sections or revise text of others. However, further analysis showed that students who did use the discussion board also contributed more to the wiki-text. Findings suggest that increased demands exist in wiki-based writing and that additional support is needed for learners to succeed in wiki-based writing.

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