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Making academic writing real with ICT

Making academic writing real with ICT is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Klimova B.F. and published in Procedia Computer Science.

[edit] Abstract

The aim of the article is to explore the potential use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as a tool that supports and improves students' skills of formal written English in the context of higher education. The article begins first by explaining how ICT is implemented in an optional course on academic writing taught at the Faculty of Informatics and Management in Hradec Kralove for 5 years already. Therefore, a short introduction to the concept of blended learning is mentioned. Furthermore, referring to the corresponding research literature, main pedagogy theories connected with the use of ICT are described, i.e. constructivism and activity theory. In addition to that, it shows how students' newly acquired knowledge and skills of formal written English result in real electronic publishing. Finally, students' end products of their half-semester effort are demonstrated and benefits of such work examined.

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