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Lorne Olfman is an author from United States.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Enhanced mediawiki for collaborative writing in the web 2.0 era Collaborative authoring
Education technology
Group writing in higher education
Web 2.0
Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB) English 2011 The primary goal of this case study research is to investigate users' perceptions of the efficiency of MediaWiki used in the collaborative writing process for students in graduate classes. MediaWiki version 1.15.1 was used in this study. Two case studies were used to explore situations that were occurring as students used the MediaWiki instance. The results show that MediaWiki needs some additional features, such as chat, advanced text editor, and discussion to facilitate the collaborative writing process. 0 0
Using a Combination of Studios, Mini-lectures, Class Blog and Wiki to Motivate Students' Learning in Web Technology Courses E-learning
Course design
Web technology
ITNG English 2010 0 0
Design Alternatives for a MediaWiki to Support Collaborative Writing in Higher Education Classes Awareness
Collaborative authoring
Constructivist learning
Design science research
Talk page
Project management
Web 2.0
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology English 2009 Constructivist learning mechanisms such as collaborative writing have emerged as a result of the development of Web 2.0 technologies. We define the term mandatory collaborative writing to describe a writing activity where the group has a firm deadline. Our study focuses on how a wiki can fully support mandatory group writing. The motivation of this design science research study emerges from a graduate Knowledge Management class assignment to write a wiki book. The project outcome shows that the wiki instance used for the project, MediaWiki, could better facilitate the process with a set of extensions that support discussion, evaluation, and project management. We outline designs for these mechanisms: 1) a discussion mechanism that changes the way users discuss content on a wiki page and increases group awareness; 2) an evaluation mechanism that provides a tool for the instructor to monitor and assess students’ performance; and 3) a project management tool that increases awareness of the status of each component of the writing project and provides an overall summary of the project. A demonstration of the principles to a focus group provided a basic proof of the validity of these mechanisms. 16 1
Knowledge management system for emergency preparedness: An action research study Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences English 2006 This paper is about the design and implementation of an information system, using Wiki technology to improve the emergency preparedness efforts of the Claremont University Consortium. For some organizations, as in this case, responding to a crisis situation in done within a consortia environment. Managing knowledge across the various entities involved in such efforts is critical. This includes having the right set of information that is timely, relevant, and is governed by an effective communication process. Our study suggests that training in use of system(s), a knowledge sharing culture between entities involved in emergency preparedness, and a fit between task and technology/system must be there to support emergency preparedness activities given such structures. 0 0