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Conference papers

Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Published in DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Acquisition des traductions de requêtes à partir de wikipédia pour la recherche d'information translingue Chakour H.
Sadat F.
Vision 2020: Sustainable Growth, Economic Development, and Global Competitiveness - Proceedings of the 23rd International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2014 2014 The multilingual encyclopedia Wikipedia has become a very useful resource for the construction and enrichment of linguistic resources, such as dictionaries and ontologies. In this study, we are interested by the exploitation of Wikipedia for query translation in Cross-Language Information Retrieval. An application is completed for the Arabic-English pair of languages. All possible translation candidates are extracted from the titles of Wikipedia articles based on the inter-links between Arabic and English; which is considered as direct translation. Furthermore, other links such as Arabic to French and French to English are exploited for a transitive translation. A slight stemming and segmentation of the query into multiple tokens can be made if no translation can be found for the entire query. Assessments monolingual and cross-lingual systems were conducted using three weighting schemes of the Lucene search engine (default, Tf-Idf and BM25). In addition, the performance of the so-called translation method was compared with those of GoogleTranslate and MyMemory. 0 0
Improving modern art articles on Wikipedia, a partnership between Wikimédia France and Centre Georges Pompidou Sylvain Machefert Museum
Préconférence IFLA 2014 - Bibliothèques d'art 2014 The Centre Georges Pompidou is a structure in Paris hosting the "Musée National d'Art Moderne", largest museum for modern art in Europe. Wikimédia France is a French organization working on promoting Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, by organizing trainings or conducting partnerships for example. The project described in this proposal has been led by the GLAM (Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums) working group of Wikimédia France and Pompidou museum curators. 3 0
Wikipedia et le relativisme democratique Benjamin Grassineau OMNSH 2006 0 0