Les jeunes, leurs enseignants et Wikipédia : représentations en tension autour d’un objet documentaire singulier

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Les jeunes, leurs enseignants et Wikipédia : représentations en tension autour d’un objet documentaire singulier is a 2014 journal article by Sahut Gilles and published in (Documentaliste-Sciences de l'information. 2014 June;51(2):p. 70-79) DOI : 10.3917/docsi.512.0070.

[edit] Abstract

The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia is a heavily used resource, especially by high school and college students, whether for school work or personal reasons. However, for most teachers and information professionals, the jury is still out on the validity of its contents. Are young persons aware of its controversial reputation ? What opinions, negative or positive, do they hold ? How much confidence do they place in this information resource ? This survey of high school and college students provides an opportunity to grasp the diversity of attitudes towards Wikipedia and also how these evolve as the students move up the grade ladder. More widely, this article studies the factors that condition the degree of acceptability of the contents of this unusual source of information.

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