Learning to trust the crowd: Some lessons from Wikipedia

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Publications with the same identifier or URL: Learning to Trust the Crowd: Some Lessons from Wikipedia, Learning to trust the crowd: Some lessons from Wikipedia.

Learning to trust the crowd: Some lessons from Wikipedia is a 2008 conference paper written in English by Olleros F.X. and published in Proceedings - 2008 International MCETECH Conference on e-Technologies, MCETECH 2008.

[edit] Abstract

Inspired by the open source software (OSS) movement, Wikipedia has gone further than any OSS project in decentralizing its quality control task. This is seen by many as a fatal flaw. In this short paper, I will try to show that it is rather a shrewd and fertile design choice. First, I will describe the precise way in which Wikipedia is more decentralized than OSS projects. Secondly, I will explain why Wikipedia's quality control can be and must be decentralized. Thirdly, I will show why it is wise for Wikipedia to welcome anonymous amateurs. Finally, I will argue that concerns about Wikipedia's quality and sustainable success have to be tempered by the fact that, as disruptive innovations tend to do, Wikipedia is in the process of redefining the pertinent dimensions of quality and value for general encyclopedias.

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