KawaWiki: A Semantic Wiki Based on RDF Templates

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KawaWiki: A Semantic Wiki Based on RDF Templates is a 2006 publication written in English by K. Kawamoto, Y. Kitamura, Y. Tijerino and published in Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology Workshops.

[edit] Abstract

A semantic Wiki is a collaborative semantic Web authoring system based on the Wiki framework. It provides a scheme where anonymous users on the Internet can collaborate with each other to build a semantic Web site. Contrasting to traditional Wikis, it is not easy for end users to author semantic Wiki pages from scratch without knowledge of the complex RDF/OWL syntax and of ontologies to share semantic information. We propose a new semantic Wiki system called "KawaWiki" on which end and expert users can collaborate to build a semantic Web site. KawaWiki generates RDF and Wiki pages based on its RDF templates and validates their consistency with the RDFS description. The RDFS description can be created by importing Web ontologies on the Internet. KawaWiki aims at providing a scheme where end users, expert users and ontologists seamlessly collaborate to publish semantically consistent RDF and Wiki pages in a Wiki way

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