Innovation in agricultural digital library services based on Web 2.0

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Innovation in agricultural digital library services based on Web 2.0 is a 2007 conference paper written in English by Baoji W., Jinnuo Z., Ruiqing X., Qingsheng L., Qingshui L. and published in New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research.

[edit] Abstract

After several years of development, agricultural digital libraries in China have made great achievements in the acquisition and accessibility of documentation and information. However, many of their services focus on the indexing and transfer of information, based on a service concept as an agricultural information provider. As internet technology evolves from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, the manner in which information is produced, organised, and disseminated has changed. User behaviour and their modes of using information are also changing. In this paper, we briefly introduce the principle and the operating model of Web 2.0 and go on to analyse the relationship between Web 2.0 and digital library technologies. After analysing some limitations with existing library services, we suggest that Web 2.0 be used in agricultural digital libraries to improve services, focusing on the user and on how to meet their needs.

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