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Hirotoshi Iwasaki

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Discovering unexpected information on the basis of popularity/unpopularity analysis of coordinate objects and their relationships Coordinate term
Unexpected information
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing English 2013 Although many studies have addressed the problem of finding Web pages seeking relevant and popular information from a query, very few have focused on the discovery of unexpected information. This paper provides and evaluates methods for discovering unexpected information for a keyword query. For example, if the user inputs "Michael Jackson," our system first discovers the unexpected related term "karate" and then returns the unexpected information "Michael Jackson is good at karate." Discovering unexpected information is useful in many situations. For example, when a user is browsing a news article on the Web, unexpected information about a person associated with the article can pique the user's interest. If a user is sightseeing or driving, providing unexpected, additional information about a building or the region is also useful. Our approach collects terms related to a keyword query and evaluates the degree of unexpectedness of each related term for the query on the basis of (i) the relationships of coordinate terms of both the keyword query and related terms, and (ii) the degree of popularity of each related term. Experimental results show that considering these two factors are effective for discovering unexpected information. Copyright 2013 ACM. 0 0
Evaluating significance of historical entities based on tempo-spatial impacts analysis using Wikipedia link structure Historical entities
Historical entity importance
Wikipedia structure analysis
HT English 2011 0 0