Dynamic perspectives on social characteristics and sustainability in online community networks

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Dynamic perspectives on social characteristics and sustainability in online community networks is a 2008 journal article by P. Otto, M. Simon and published in System Dynamics Review.

[edit] Abstract

Online community networks can help organizations improve collaboration. However, in spite of their potential value, there has been little empirical research into two important network factors that determine their success: social characteristics of users and changes in operations that result from network evolution. Our research addresses these deficiencies by using a cultural framework. Derived from anthropology, it extends previous system dynamics research on online community networks. The framework acts as a lens, enabling a better understanding of the effects that changes in these factors bring to online community networks. Using data collected from Wikipedia for model calibration, our findings suggest that, contrary to conventional wisdom, removing policies that focus on building group commitment does not lower performance. The results also show that online networks need structural control, otherwise their attractiveness, credibility and, subsequently, content value might all decrease. To ensure sustainability the network must be monitored, especially during the early stages of its evolution, so that rules and regulations that ensure value and validity can be selectively employed. Copyright 2008 John Wiley Sons, Ltd.

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