Determinants of wiki diffusion in the greek education system

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Determinants of wiki diffusion in the greek education system is a 2012 journal article written in English by Cotsakis S., Loumos V., Kayafas E. and published in Technics Technologies Education Management.

[edit] Abstract

The present study investigates the determinants of wiki diffusion in education. The model presented in this work examines four facilitators and one inhibitor of wiki diffusion among Greek high school students. The sample population of the research was chosen randomly from three schools of the Greek prefecture of Eastern Macedonia. Factor analysis and multiple linear regression analysis were conducted to examine whether, and to what extent, wiki diffusion is affected by factors such as relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, student personal interests and professor motivation. The analysis revealed that the most significant determinant of wiki diffusion is the personal interest of the student for information search. On the other hand, as supported by the literature, complexity was proved to be an inhibitor of wiki expansion in education. Professor motivation, relative advantage and compatibility can also encourage wiki diffusion, though in a smaller scale.

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