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Dawn Wheeler is an author.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Using wikis to promote quality learning in teacher training Academic writing
Collaborative authoring
Web 2.0
Learning, Media and Technology English 2009 This paper discusses writing as a social practice and speculates on how wikis might be used to promote higher quality academic writing and support collaborative learning. This study of undergraduate teacher trainees' online learning activities focuses on how shared spaces - wikis - might be used to communicate ideas and generate course-specific content. The study also explored how students, through such activities, were able to improve their academic writing skills and engage more critically in learning. Data captured from student discussion boards and a post-module email questionnaire (n = 35) were used to map student perceptions of the usefulness of wikis in support of their academic studies. The data indicate that most students raised their skill level in writing directly to the publicly viewable wiki space, in sharp contrast to the more informal content they posted on the discussion boards. The scope of collaborative writing was limited due to students' reluctance to edit each others' work, but students appreciated the shared environment as a means of discussing their work and the content of the course. Students reported that their academic writing skills had improved through their formal participation in the wiki. 0 0
The good, the bad and the wiki: Evaluating student-generated content for collaborative learning English 2008 0 3