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Automatic deployment of semantic wikis: A prototype

Automatic deployment of semantic wikis: A prototype is a 2006 conference paper written in English by Di Iorio A., Fabbri M., Presutti V., Vitali F. and published in CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

[edit] Abstract

Semantic wikis simplify the creation, searching and management of content in a specific domain of interest. Although very powerful solutions exist for adding semantics to wikis, the authoring process of domain-oriented content still remains a manual and quite consuming task. We propose a different approach to deploy semantic wikis: the automatic delivery of a customized wiki for a given domain, taking as input an ontological description of that domain. WikiFactory is an application that takes these ideas to implementation, based on a strong distinction between the ontology designer, the content author and the graphic designer. Moreover WikiFactory is designed to be independent for a specific wiki clone and commit an abstract description of pages onto a wide set of wiki platforms. In this paper we present the early implementation of Wiki- Factory that automatically generates pages for MediaWiki.

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