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Adessowiki on-line collaborative scientific programming platform

Adessowiki on-line collaborative scientific programming platform is a 2009 conference paper written in English by Lotufo R.A., Machado R.C., Korbes A., Ramos R.G. and published in Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration, WiKiSym 2009.

[edit] Abstract

Adessowiki ( is a collaborative environment for development, documentation, teaching and knowledge repository of scientific computing algorithms. The system is composed of a collection of collaborative web pages in the form of a wiki. The articles of this wiki can embed programming code that will be executed on the server when the page is rendered, incorporating the results as figures, texts and tables on the document. The execution of code at the server allows hardware and software centralization and access through a web browser. This combination of a collaborative wiki environment, central server and execution of code at rendering time enables a host of possible applications like, for example: a teaching environment, where students submit their reports and exercises on Adessowiki without needing to install special software; authoring of texts, papers and scientific computing books, where figures are generated in a reproducible way by programs written by the authors; comparison of solutions and benchmarking of algorithms given that all the programs are executed under the same configuration; creation of an encyclopedia of algorithms and executable source code. Adessowiki is an environment that carries simultaneously documentation, programming code and results of its execution without any software configuration such as compilers, libraries and special tools at the client side. Copyright

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