A web 2.0 based computer knowledge learning platform

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A web 2.0 based computer knowledge learning platform is a 2008 conference paper written in English by Yuanxin O., Chao L., Huan L., Pingan Z., Zhang X. and published in Proceedings - International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, CSSE 2008.

[edit] Abstract

Traditional web-based online learning systems usually focus on the dispatch of knowledge, and lack of ways for students to get involved. Introduction to Computer Basics (ICB) is one of the first professional courses for freshmen majored in computer science, as well as information technology. To make the learning platform of ICB more helpful, a Web 2.0 based computer knowledge learning platform is presented, which changes the focus from course content to the students participation. Web2.0 elements including personal and group spaces, wiki cyclopedia, interest mining and personalized recommendation, and RSS resource subscription are integrated. The platform has been put into use already, and got satisfaction from both teachers and students.

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