A lightweight collaborative tool to support design research

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A lightweight collaborative tool to support design research is a 2005 conference paper written in English by Salustri F.A. and published in Proceedings ICED 05, the 15th International Conference on Engineering Design.

[edit] Abstract

This paper proposes that Wikis, lightweight web-based collaborative tools, can provide substantive support to the design research community. The key feature of Wikis is that in principle anyone can edit content; this changes the dynamic of collaborative interactions in a way that generally facilitates the emergence of bodies of knowledge. Wikis are compared to other tools, including email lists and sophisticated content management systems (CMSs). It is found that Wikis offer a far richer functionality than email lists without the administrative overhead associated with full-blown CMSs. The basics of Wikis are explained, with particular emphasis on a new Wiki, called Xiki, being developed by the author expressly for the support of certain design research projects. Four projects are described: a dictionary of design terms and concepts, an annotated bibliography of design publications, a repository for design patterns, and a design "co-laboratory." Each of these projects is explained insofar as they benefit by having Wiki functionality available. Based on the increasing popularity of Wikis generally, and the advantages provided by Xiki, the author expects that this technology will benefit design research, and is working to develop Xiki to meet this expectation.

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